Travel Tips

Packing Strategies

* Mix & Match Clothing: Choose clothes you can mix and match to save space without sacrificing variety. Choose items that layer to accommodate changing weather.

* Quick Dry Clothing: Bring clothing made of fabrics that dry quickly, such as synthetics and lightweight cotton. A fold-up rain poncho also comes in handy.

Tip! - – Iron before you pack to save time during trip, then roll (don’t fold) clothes. Leave dry-cleaned items in their plastic bags to avoid wrinkles. If clothes do wrinkle, hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower or spritz with water and smooth out.

* First Aid Kit: Bring a “first aid kit” with tweezers, nail clippers, aspirin, antibiotic cream, cotton swabs, antidiarrheal and cold medications. Pack these items in your checked baggage.

* Sealable Bags: Place liquid makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, and other items that could spill into sealable plastic bags.  Also put shoes in plastic bags to prevent soiling clothing from the dirty soles.

* Small Lint Brush

* Inflatable pillow and earplugs for plane, train, and hotel stay.

* Universal Adapter: When traveling Internationally, bring an adapter and converter for your small appliances. Check your hotel or cruise ship room voltage description prior to departure.

* Day Bag: Bring a day bag to hold your umbrella, camera, a guidebook, souvenirs, and other incidentals.

* Carry On Essentials: Pack prescription drugs (in original containers), toiletries, your passport, important documents, jewelry, cameras, and your laptop in your carry-on.  Visit for carry-on regulations.

* Photocopies of Documentation: Make photocopies of all your important documents including your credit cards.  Keep the copies in a separate place than the originals. In the unfortunate event of theft, you will have a back up of all your documents for temporary proof of identification.

* Single Dollars: American currency is widely regarded and accepted throughout the world. Having ten or twenty single dollar bills with you will be invaluable if you arrive at a destination without local currency, banks are closed and there isn’t an ATM in sight. They also make great tips for service and can be used to bring the price down when bargaining in markets.

* Safety Pins and Sewing Kit: Pack safety pins and sewing kit in your checked luggage to use in an emergency if a button falls off in a strategic location. They also come in handy if you keep valuables in your pocket – pin your pocket closed from the inside of your pant/skirt and would-be pick-pockets won’t stand a chance.

* Bottle Opener & Small Knife: Pack a compact bottle opener and small knife in our checked luggage. Carry with you on day trips during your vacation to use for an impromptu picnic after a visit to the local market. Remember to put them in your checked luggage again before flying home and leave them back in your room during visits to places like museums.

* Mini Hard Drive for Pictures: In this era of going digital, a nice addition to have on your trip is a mini hard drive for downloading digital photos or videos. many on the market today have storage capabilities from 40 to 100 GB of data and weigh mere ounces.

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